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Bio: Taking "Sincerity, Quality, Efficiency, Innovation, Service" as our management philosophy, we are achieving our set-up goals steadily year by year since our establishment in the year of 1993.
Covering the production area of 12,000 square meters.We are able to supply all k-inds of tinplate material products at most competitive prices, top quality and prompt delivery.
We can produce all kinds of Packaging Tin Box& Promotional tin as:
coffee/tea box, biscuit box, candy/chocolate/wine bottle box, cosmestic/perfume tin, toy/games packages,pencil box, coin box,black board, metal tray,christmas tin box, candle tin, lunch box,cigarette box, coasters, ice bucket, etc.
Set up to now, we have provided goods to many big brands such as Unilever, Wal-mart, Disney, Lipton, P&G, etc, and own ICTI certificate,
Disney audit report, ISO9001 certificate, also with products’ Food Grade
Testing for example FDA,LFGB, DGCCRF,EN71,etc.
Only customer's satisfaction is our satisfaction. Welcome to contact us or
visit us!
Customized Square Tin Coin Money Saving Bank Box
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